Sunday, March 30, 2008


There are things that I've written
That I haven't actually posted
Because they are saved as drafts
Because I am not sure if I should post them
Because they are kind of...hmmm
Potentially embarrassing
Probably stupid

If that makes sense...

Should I post them anyway?



Saturday, March 29, 2008


I need to make a decision about something soon.

A BIG decision!

At the moment, I have no idea how I'm going to make it...


Wednesday, March 26, 2008


it's funny how I can feel two very different feelings about the same thing at the same time.

how something can cause my heart to rise and fall at the same time

how my heart ends up getting torn because it's moving in two directions at once

how half of my face wants to smile, while the other half wants bury itself so that no one can see

how I am so happy for someone, yet when I turn away, I cringe

how I want to forget, but I treasure those memories

how I wish I never knew how it felt, yet I realize that knowing made me better person

how I really want to speak, yet I really don't want to, because I shouldn't

how part of me wants to hold on forever, but at times I wished I never grasped at it the first place


Sunday, March 23, 2008


So my first blog post.


How momentous.

It feels odd to be writing on my own blog. Blogs are for sharing thoughts publicly, and I'm not known to do that. But I'm trying to get better at that; we'll see how this goes! I'll try at least once a week. I opened this account on Wednesday, so once I'm done with this post I don't have to worry about another one for a couple of days ;).  Haha, actually...I'm just going to make a post whenever I feel like it!

Anyway, I really didn't have anything specific to talk about this time, I just had time to write, now that Spring Sing is done. I'm going to see Little Shop of Horrors in a couple of hours!  I'm really excited to see it. I've never watched a live performance or the movie, but I have seen clips. I grew up listening to a mix cassette tape that had the Skid Row song on it (whenever we took trips when I was growing up Dad would usually pop in this tape sometime along the journey.) But I didn't actually know that the song was from Little Shop till last semester. 

Oh, and I'm ticked! Because my iPod went *cough* *cough* *sputter* and then flatlined. It did this before, last year, but I was able to get the hardrive working again by "spanking" it (which is actually recommended, though it sounds primitive.) Well, alas! hasn't worked :(. And I don't really have the funds to justify an iPod purchase.

That's probably enough randomness for my first post. I should work on getting my page looking not so bland and empty...

later though

I'm hungry


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