Wednesday, October 29, 2008

The Beginning

This week...I have been nostalgic. Probably because I have actually had time to think about stuff besides school and Oklahoma since the musical is now over. I have the feeling this might be a really long post. We shall see.

-----Almost Two Years Ago----

It's been almost two years since my Harding friendships started to form. Thanks to "Hush: An Interview with America" -- a play my now-sister-in-law Kaeli directed for Junior credit.

I can't quite remember if tryouts were right after or right before the musical that year. All I remember is that Kaeli was really encouraging me to try out, so I got my friend Josh Spill to go with me too to make it a little less nerve wracking. It was my first play to ever try out for. It had always been a secret desire of mine before this to be on stage, but I had never had much of a chance. So I went to tryouts, went to an intramural football game, went to callbacks, and then had to wait for the cast list to be posted. I was really excited when I saw my name was on the list! Kaeli probably pity cast me, but eh...whatever works!

So then rehearsals started...long rehearsals. Suddenly I had no time. Even though I was a small part...I remember being there a lot. No longer did I go to bed at 10:00 every night. From the start, and a for while after, I kept to myself during rehearsals. I brought books to read or school to work on and sat by the side. Josh told me he couldn't tell at first if I was shy or snooty, and that he didn't know how to approach me at first...haha.

From then on I started to develop friendships that have been some of the best I've ever had. We had some pretty fun times backstage!

-Kevin was the first person on the cast to make a definite move toward friendship with me. We would spend a lot of time talking and getting to know eachother back stage. I remember him saying he wanted to quit - he hated his part ("RINGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG"). It made the audience laugh though.

-Josh always cracked me up. "I got a hot tip you got a cold thug up a fruit tree." Haha. He was hamming it up most of the time...making hand shadows, testing the Fruit Loops, lifting up Fish's lion tail, etc. The Josh we know and love. I'm sure at times Kaeli wanted to kill him! He made the show a lot of fun.

-I didn't really get to know Fish that well during the show. My first lamb scene we got to roar at each other...and then I scampered off. I was fortunately was not there for the rehearsal he accidentally pulled Josh's pants and boxers off. I feel sorry for all involved! I know I would have died right then and there if he had done that to me.

-Amber, being the lead, was always on stage and I didn't have a whole lot of contact with her. I wanted to. During the last week we talked a little most shows you bond more as it gets closer to being done. I did have my last scene with her...where I came out and comforted her and she fell asleep on my knee...I was SOO nervous! Because...well...I found her very fun and sweet and...yeah.

-Megan was the first female on the cast to make a definite move toward friendship with me. I remember being able to talk with her without being too awkward (I hope). I remember noticing she was a really hard worker. I remember feeling absolutely horrible after I had made a stupid comment about her hair in her diver's licence photo at Ihop after a performance. She might one day forgive me.

-I feel that I didn't really get to know Courtney that well during the show. I remember her being really nice to me, her singing along to the "Who I Am" song that played before the performances, and her being afraid of having to get up on that platform stage right.

--NOTE: Facebook was on the fritz so I couldn't add pictures of everyone...sorry.--

I could mention stuff about Caleb, Kristi, Lucas, Lolli, and Michelle, even Jaime, but this post is getting quite long. They are all really cool people, but after the show I didn't develop friendships with them like the others.

Our cast was really close, and I couldn't have gotten a better group of friends from the show. We shared a lot of good times together...on stage, backstage. And at Ihop :). And ever since then too! I thank them for taking that step toward me and helping me not be quite as shy. I have thought about what would have happened if I had never been in the play. I might have a couple of the frienships I have now, but I kind of doubt it. It's neat how God works things out.

I hope we're friends forever (BFF's!). Because forever can't feel very long when they're around. :)


Sunday, October 26, 2008

Curtain Call

it's over...
sad to see it go...
I suppose...I shall cry myself to sleep tonight

I'll miss it all
I'll have my time back
but I won't know what to do with all of it

great people
great fun
great experience
thank you everyone


Friday, October 24, 2008

Mom is here!
Till Monday!


Wednesday, October 22, 2008

One of those days...

...where everything is just great!!!!

Today was awesome
My mood was the best it's been in a while
And a lot of other cool things happened, such as:

There were free donuts for all in the Cone dorm
The weather was beautiful
It was Quiznos 2-for-1 day
My managerial finance class was canceled
We had Health and Safety today so our suite is nice and clean
I talked to my mom
We had our last rehearsal before Oklahoma opens

I have had some good days lately
and some days where I only pretend
but this was truly a great day
I hope these days come with more frequency!


Monday, October 13, 2008


For all of those who don't know: my mom is flying out next week to see me in the Oklahoma! homecoming musical here at Harding! I didn't expect anyone in my family to come and it was a great surprise!

The musical is coming along pretty well. I hope we get totally done on the blocking soon so I can work more on the actual acting part of the show. My lower back has really been hurting for the past 5 or so days...mainly when I'm sitting. I think I hurt it doing some lift or another with Marisa. Fortunately we didn't do any dancing today so it got a rest. It must get better soon!

We had our read through for The Patient today. Our practices will start up when Oklahoma! is done. Gerad is making us all speak in English accents...I'm excited...but I've never been good at those. I'm going to have to work on developing that.

I feel like I'm perpetually tired lately...I need a reprieve from this busy life. This next week and a half is probably going to be pretty stressful, but fortunately we have fall break this weekend! yay! I'm going to work all day Friday for Amber's dad doing what I did all summer. But Friday night and Saturday should be relaxing and fun!

Goodnight to one and all. <3


Saturday, October 11, 2008

Dear self

you are going to be disappointed a lot
because you sometimes hope for stuff that probably won't happen
or can't happen
but I know you too well to tell you to stop hoping
cause you won't stop
just try to learn from those times where you are let down. :)

me should be studying for your tests instead of writing on your blog...get on that!


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