Friday, March 27, 2009

My work for the entire semester

...has fluttered away. Yep. I found out today that the scope for my IT 410 capstone project has drastically changed (mostly due to Cloverdale leaders, a little for other reasons). I'm going to get slightly technical here:

Basically, our group was supposed to create a database on a server, and then create the corresponding web forms (so that anyone could access it online), and also create a Microsoft Access database (for the church leaders/secretary to use) to link to it.

Well, 95% of my work was done on creating the server database and the web forms. Guess what got scrapped from the project?!?!?!? Gah....

On one hand, its good, because now we are all focusing on solely creating an Access database that should be really user friendly, and I'm not worried about delivering a product that will break soon. I'm sure we can deliver a good product to Cloverdale church. Yet now the majority of my semester's work will not show up in the final product, and that's sad. I almost cried.

But I guess I still learned a lot during the process...which is good...

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