Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Saint Patty's Day Part 2

I guess I thought of something else I wanted to write about. In the same class I have to read that book, we have been talking a bit about setting goals, and how that can be a good thing and help you accomplish a lot more than if you hadn't set them. So our teacher has encouraged us to actually write down a few goals for our life, and I thought I'd share a few of the ones I thought of.

  • I will be present at every one of my child's births

  • I will memorize the book of James

  • I will learn how to play the violin and guitar. And re-learn the piano

  • I will give at least a million dollars to charity

  • I will own a car that goes at least 170 mph

  • I will play a recognizable part in a major motion picture or popular television show (not a soap)

  • I will go to Disneyland or Disney World

  • I want to personally baptize all my children

  • I will go to Scotland and New Zealand

  • This isn't really as much of a goal as it is an ideal dream, but I'd like my first kiss to be in the rain.

  • I will spend at least a year acting as a missionary in another country

  • I will go to at least one Dallas Cowboys game, preferably the Super Bowl

  • I will visit the Grand Canyon, Mount Rushmore, and Yellowstone

  • I will spend at least a week in New York City
Some of them our superficial I know, but others are deeper and more meaningful. I have more but I'm still building the list too!


-Megan J W- March 18, 2009 at 1:11 AM are the greatest and make me chuckle ;-)

i heart you dearest

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